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/ Aggteleki Szállás



Unforgettable experiences await you here ! The most beautiful part of the country , Aggtelek of Beech Mountain at the foot of the wooded Aggteleki National Park , centrally located in a romantic setting Ladybird Cottage, Aggteleki experience the camp site

With the Ladybird Cottage excellent conditions for families, groups of friends , receive training camps , forest schools , new year's organizing parties is great for school or work groups . The Beech Mountain foothills , away from the noise of the city can find excellent opportunities in proximity to nature search, meaningful and active relaxation . The design of the hotel ensures that our camp in the large school groups and groups of friends can find the best placement. The Adventure Camp is a unique and outstanding youth camp in Aggteleki területén.Szálláshelyünk National Park is an ideal starting point for hiking , the shorter lengths of tours for you .

Aggtelek and surrounding areas include the few places where the surface of the earth and the depths of the earth is rich in sights rejt.Vigyázat who sees once addicted to stay in the enchanting countryside ! Aggtelek situated in the north-eastern and south- eastern border of Hungary, Slovakia and Slovak Karst Aggteleki natural and cultural values uniquely rich , connected cave system under joint nomination of the two countries in 1995 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Here you can discover the largest stalactite cave system , which is one of Earth's most famous cave of matter based on a unique rich colorful world of stalactites and stalagmites . Together in caves of the Slovak Karst , more than 700 known caves . The area 's most spectacular and longest cave in the 24- kilometer Baradla Domica cave system receives the most visitors . Varied and imaginative stalactite formations are amazing .

On the surface, it is worth to roam because Aggteleki National Park offers visitors a variety of programs . The beautiful mountains, hiking can be done a variety of designated roads or on the trail . The forest can be explored on horseback .

The Aggteleki National Park, a protected natural area of 20,170 ha in total . The first of our country's national parks , which are primarily lying lifeless , natural geological values, landforms and caves beneath the surface - have been established to protect - and only secondarily by the values of the local nature. However, beside the karst caves of geological significance of biological , geological, paleontological and archaeological value of the area is important .

Aggtelek area and thus both above ground and underground unique sights in store for visitors .