Katica Vendégház

/ Aggteleki Szállás



Katica Vendégház

The Ladybird Cottage Aggtelek most frequented place in out of traffic , quiet and panoramic location , unique features .

We are one of the Aggteleki National Park cave szálláshelyeknek.Családias atmosphere closest to our accommodation 9pcs , spare part can be embedded with bathroom , color TV , a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. All seats 40-42 people.

Services and adventure elements of the accommodation:

- The yard parking facility for cars ( buses) .

- Private garden with garden furniture

- Outdoor cooking , grilling and frying bacon options

- Pool

- Playground

- Tableware and cutlery

- Petting

- WI -FI

- If required, supply -eat breakfast and hot dinner !

- Campers

The courtyard pool, sunbathing , bacon , barbecue and grill , kids petting zoo, playground possible . Guests arriving by car has its own private car park.

Aggtelek all seasons programlehetõséggel many and varied and the visitors . For the programs will be informed of special offers Prices and Packages section.

If you visit once Aggtelek they stay here ! Come and learn about our Aggtelek and surrounding Gömöri -Torna karst amazing beauty , harmony, tranquility !

I am sure that you visit us and spend a few days with us , a lot of unforgettable experiences will be richer !